Does your blood glucose meter meet the accuracy standard?
Hypoglycaemia can be a constant threat for people with diabetes.
Switching to a blood glucose system with remarkable accuracy1 can help to detect such episodes.
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CONTOUR®PLUS meters feature Second-Chance® sampling, which clearly prompts patients to apply more blood to the same test strip when the first sample is not enough.5

CONTOUR®PLUS meters come with No Coding® technology as standard, removing the need to manually code the meter before testing, eliminating errors due to under miscoding.

We’ve refined our strip technology to make it as simple as possible for you to get a successful blood glucose reading.

CONTOUR®PLUS meters require only a small drop of blood to register a reading — only 0.6µl. That’s one ten thousandth of a teaspoon!
Personalised HI/LO target ranges
to give patients a snapshot of their current blood glucose status
Weekly HI.LO summaries
to give patients a quick overview of their blood glucose patterns
7-, 14-, and 30-day averages
Easily manage blood glucose levels
Meal markers
to help patients understand how food impacts their blood glucose
Audio reminders
to help patients remember to test after eating
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About ASCENSIA Diabetes Care
Established In 2016 through the acquisition of Bayer Diabetes Care by Panasonic Healthcare Holdings, Ascensia Diabetes Care is a global company dedicated to improving the lives of people with diabetes and helping empower them to take charge of their health.

We are determined to continue developing our line of products, beyond our current CONTOUR° portfolio of meters, so that Ascensia Diabetes Care is the recognised world leader in delivering convenient, easy-to-use blood glucose monitoring systems and testing supplies. We collaborate closely with healthcare professionals and other partners to ensure our products meet the high standards of accuracy to help people with diabetes manage their condition, regardless of type of diabetes, stage of disease or frequency of testing required.

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For more than 70 years, continuous research has allowed our diabetes care team to lead the way in blood glucose monitoring systems. These have been developed specifically to meet the needs of patients, and, along the way, we have introduced many firsts.
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